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Charlotte Reiki Paris - What is REIKI USUI?

Reiki Usui is an energy healing technique that involves laying on hands as well as breathing to bring a harmonization of all aspects of one’s being (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

This ancient Japanese practice, revealed by Mikao Usui at the turn of the twentieth century, has no theology and is not a religion. Reiki is based on simple fundamental principles and ethics; its gestures are accessible to all.

REIKI means “universal life energy“. It is therefore the Ki, the vital energy also known as Qi in China or Prana in India, which is a source of harmonization and allows a real healing process to begin.

Today there are different teachings of Reiki. According to the tradition, the Usui system includes four distinct degrees, each of which requires an initiation. It will be necessary to be initiated into each of these three degrees in order to become a Reiki master.

Reiki session

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Reiki session

At the beginning of the session, I will invite you to tell me how you feel to understand better your needs.

After that, you will be comfortably installed on a massage table while remaining fully dressed.

The session consists of a series of hand positions on various points of the body with a focus on the primary energy points (also known as chakras), which allows blockages to be removed and energy to flow.

A Reiki treatment can also be done remotely. The protocol is similar, you remain lying down while receiving the Reiki.

We will take a few minutes together at the end of the session to talk about how you feel.

A Reiki session lasts around one hour in person and 30 minutes remotely and anyone can benefit from it.


Charlotte Reiki Paris

I like to mix my practices to create personalized sessions for everyone.

The symphonic gong is highly vibratory and therefore very therapeutic. It is used in sound healing for both group sessions and individual sessions. The frequencies emitted by the gong will undo the energy blockages stuck in our meridians in order to recirculate the energy in a harmonious way.

The beginning of the session will take place like a classic Reiki session. Depending on your needs identified together at the beginning of the session, I will play the gong at specific times to help you free yourself from persistent blockages (physical, emotional or energetic blockages).

A Reiki and gong session lasts approximately 1h30.


According to tradition, the Usui system has 4 independent degrees, and each degree requires an initiation. The initiation opens and develops the student’s ability to store energy and also eliminates energy blockages. It is a moment of purification and alignment in order to prepare the student to become a channel for energy.

Charlotte Reiki Paris
Charlotte Reiki Paris

The 1st degree initiation is the first contact with Reiki energy. We learn the basic positions and techniques for harmonizing the energy centers (chakras).

During the 2nd degree initiation, we strengthen our knowledge and connection with Reiki energy. We learn Reiki symbols and their use for distance healing.

The 3rd degree teaches us the Master’s symbol. Our practice deepens and we become familiar with the notion of subtle bodies. We learn to use the Reiki crystal grid.

The 4th degree teaches us the protocol of the initiations to transmit Reiki to others. In order to become a Reiki Master, it will then be necessary to be initiated into each of these 4 degrees.

Benefits of a Reiki session

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Benefits of a Reiki session
7 chakras

Renewed energy and inner strength

Let go and balance

Development of intuition, inspiration

Joy and positive radiance

Promotes creativity

Brings peace and serenity

Soothes physical pain

Increases vibratory rate

It is important to note that a Reiki session is never a substitute to medical advice or established medical treatment.

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Reiki Usui