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Holistic therapies

« Be a light unto oneself »
Jiddu Krishnamurti


Charlotte Reiki Paris - Approach

My therapeutic approach is holistic meaning it considers the human being in his wholeness, without dissociating the body from the spirit.

The more harmony there is between the body and the spirit, the better the person will feel. The goal is therefore to assist people in finding the right balance between the various aspects of their being (physical, energetic, mental and spiritual), a balance that is unique to each individual.


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Charlotte Reiki Paris - Approach
Charlotte Reiki Paris - Practices


Charlotte Reiki Paris - Practices

Reiki is an energy healing practice that combines hands-on healing and breathing.

Sound healing on the other hand, brings together several techniques that use sounds and vibrations to provide relaxation and well-being.



«  I did a Reiki session with Charlotte two months ago because I felt very tired but also oppressed in my daily life. It was my first time, a real moment for myself and a great relaxation. Charlotte takes the time to listen to you, I felt her benevolence and kindness. She was able to tell me the different blockages present in my body that I in fact confirmed. A few days later my energy was not the same at all! I will definitely go back. »

Camille H.

«I did a Reiki session for the first time with Charlotte when I was 6 months pregnant. It was a magical moment that I shared with my baby who felt the benefits of the treatment and responded to it by moving in my belly! I recommend to live this unique experience »

Hélène G.

« I had the opportunity to do a sound healing session with Charlotte during which I felt a real relaxation from the first moments. After the session, over tea, Charlotte listened to my feedback and shared her perceptions, which allowed me to better understand some of my blockages. I highly recommend this experience, Charlotte is very attentive ».

Laura N.

« I first tried a Reiki session with Charlotte which was very surprising! I felt a huge connection to myself and I was able to understand thanks to Charlotte’s advice some of my energy imbalances. I then did my first sound healing session, Charlotte took it very gently which allowed me to relax with confidence. I strongly advise you to try this experience! ».

Rodrigo V.