Charlotte Reiki Paris - Philosophy

My therapeutic approach is holistic meaning it considers the human being in his wholeness, without dissociating the body from the spirit.

The more harmony there is between the body and the spirit, the better the person will feel. The goal is therefore to assist people in finding the right balance between the various aspects of their being (physical, energetic, mental and spiritual), a balance that is unique to each individual.

Many therapies stem from this holistic dimension of the human being.

Some practices place the mental and emotional spheres at the center of the healing process.

Other techniques, such as Reiki and sound healing, are more focused on the body and the energy.

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Philosophy

Reiki is an energy healing practice that combines hands-on healing and breathing. Sound healing brings together several techniques that use sounds and vibrations to provide relaxation and well-being.

These two techniques are quite different and yet complementary since they both address energy imbalances through the physical body in order to harmonize all aspects of the being.

Reiki is soft and gentle when sound healing is soothing and extremely precise because sounds and vibrations are genuine lasers that always hit the right spot. This is why, throughout my sessions, I like to mix these two disciplines.

It is important to note that a Reiki or sound healing session is never a substitute to medical advice or established medical treatment. The goal of holistic therapies is to offer complementary support to conventional medicine.


Charlotte Reiki Paris - Background

After 13 years working in the fashion industry, I felt the need to slow down, find my own rhythm and finally listen to myself.

Being a travel and nature lover, I allowed myself to take some time for an internal and external exploration.

I discovered Reiki Usui through synchronicities that I like to see as surprises in life. Reiki’s gentleness and light immediately drew me in. I was so moved by the transformation that occurred in me after the first sessions that I wanted to share this experience with others. I chose to learn Reiki with the Reiki Master who introduced me to this art of healing. I am now a Reiki Master, which permits me to give healing sessions but also to teach Reiki to anyone seeking inner liberation.

At the same time and always in a process of personal evolution, I discovered sound healing through gong baths (collective meditations that come from Asia) and individual sound healing sessions. I was completely seduced by the immediate well-being sensation and the soothing effect.

The sounds of the instruments (gongs, Tibetan bowls, etc.) vibrate all the water in our body (we are 70-80% water), resulting a deep relaxation.

Understanding the power of these techniques and finding a very complementary healing approach to Reiki, I decided to pursue a sound healing training program at the Zen & Sounds center. I am now certified sound therapist.

This time of evolution that never ends has been beautiful but also very demanding. It challenged me to question myself, to accept giving up when necessary, to stop resisting to change and most importantly, to learn to always be kind to myself.

As I progressed along my path, I realized that I had a deep desire to help people who wish to find peace, or even to embark on a path of transformation.

Whatever your personal quest is, I would be delighted to accompany you.

Charlotte Sinnassamy
Reiki Master – Sound therapist

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Background