Sound Healing

What is sound healing?

Charlotte Reiki Paris - What is sound healing?

Sound healing therapy is a set of techniques that use the vibrations created by instruments like gongsTibetan bowlstune forks, or even koshis to introduce physical and mental letting go as well as a deep feeling of relaxation.

It can be practiced in a group during collective sessions also called “sound baths” (because the participants are completely bathed in the sounds and vibrations) or it can be practiced during individual sessions.

In water, vibrations travel much faster than in air. Because our bodies are made up of more than 70% liquids, the vibratory waves emitted are perceived not only by our ears but also by all the cells of our body. This is why, in its field of action, sound therapy is so effective and precise.

Individual sound healing session

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Individual sound healing session

At the beginning of the session, I will invite you tell me how you feel to understand better your needs and offer you an individualized care.

After that, you will be installed on a massage table while remaining fully dressed (it is better to wear comfortable clothes).

During a sound healing session, the instruments are set around the person to create a “sound bath” but they are also put directly on the body.

The vibrations “massage” the blockage spots to reestablish a balanced flow of energy when they come into contact with physical pain or energy obstruction. Sounds help letting go and relax on multiple levels (physical, energetic, emotional).

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Sound Healing

Finally, I will use the tune forks and brain tuners to fix the sound massage’s positive effects.

After the session, we will take a few minutes to talk about your feelings and I will share my observations and advice with you.

One personalized sound healing session lasts around one hour and is suitable for everyone including children (unless contraindicated). Each bowl on the KIDS set has been sized to allow children as young as three years of age to benefit from the relaxing and soothing effects of the sound massage.


Charlotte Reiki Paris

During a one-to-one gong session, you will be lying down on a yoga mat with cushions and blankets for a maximum of comfort. This way, when I will start playing the gong, you feel the vibrations throughout your whole body.

I will also use other instruments like Tibetan bowls and zen bowls to create a very relaxing “sound bath“.

The session lasts 1h30.


Charlotte Reiki Paris

I like to mix my practices to create personalized sessions for everyone.

The symphonic gong is highly vibratory and therefore very therapeutic. It is used in sound healing for both group sessions and individual sessions. The frequencies emitted by the gong will undo the energy blockages stuck in our meridians in order to recirculate the energy in a harmonious way.

The beginning of the session will take place like a classic session. Depending on your needs identified together at the beginning, I will play the gong at specific times during the session to help you free yourself from persistent blockages (physical, emotional or energetic blockages).

An individual sound healing session mixed with the gong lasts 1h30.


Charlotte Reiki Paris
Charlotte Reiki Paris
Charlotte Reiki Paris

During a sound bath group session, you will be lying down on a yoga mat and set up with cushions and blankets for maximum comfort.

You will also be equipped with an eye mask for a fully immersive experience in the sounds and vibrations.
For about an hour and thanks to the sounds of the instruments, I will make you travel in different places like a tropical forest, the oceans or a Buddhist temple.

The sounds of the different instruments will create a magical atmosphere that will lead you into a state of profound relaxation between sleep and daydreaming.

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Sound Healing

Benefits of a sound healing session

Charlotte Reiki Paris - Benefits of a sound healing session
7 chakras

Releases stress, tensions and daily blockages

Reduces physical pain

Improves sleep

Reduces anxiety and symptoms of depression

Facilitates letting go

Promotes creativity

Anchor aid

It is important to note that a sound healing session is never a substitute to medical advice or established medical treatment.


Individual sound healing session is contraindicated in the following cases:

For pacemaker carriers
For people with seizure disorders
For pregnant women under 4 months and over 8 months

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